Videos by Miranda July

Tranz<—>Tech 2001, Latvian House, October 12
a co-presentation by Mercer Union, Pleasure Dome, and Artcite / House of Toast

Is it perversely ungrateful to fault an audience for being too receptive?  Probably, so please forgive me…  In the warm glow of a packed Latvian House, July’s The Amateurist came alive in ways that had never occurred to me — and I was thankful but disappointed, since its tragic anxiety depends on its persistence at playing dead and embalmed.  And Nest Of Tens’ sense of humour was more apparent than ever before; unfortunately, its intoxicating sense of narrative envelope-pushing got lost in the laughs, subsumed by a post-Being John Malkovich acceptance of the non sequitur as a mere comedy bomb for cranial detonation.  But I was laughing too… why do I carp so?  Miranda, what have you done to my head?  Moooore, please… “She’s making a U” indeed… eye caught that.

Lola Magazine, Fall 2001